House Rules & Policy


CONFIRMATION is only upon receipt of deposit equivalent to 50% of the room charges for each day for at least

15 days prior to arrival date for off-seasons and at least 2 months prior to arrival date for peak-seasons. Full

payment of balance and other charges incurred during your stay will be settled in full upon check-out.

1. All communications pertaining bookings, reservations, reduction, cancellation, deposits, etc. should

officially be in writing, addressed to and officially acknowledge by the Resort Management.

2. All bookings accepted by the Resort will be considered temporary blockings and may be released

3. The Resort reserves the right to release all confirmed rooms for non-payment of deposit or pre-payment

4. The Resort reserves the right to refuse registration of groups of fits for non-compliance of the required

5. All Resort guests should be registered upon check-in. As a general policy, we do not allow “Joiners”.

CANCELLATION – We do not honor refunds for cancellation but you may use your paid room accommodation

whenever you desire on any date most appropriate for you. Your appropriation is valid for 2 years. In case of

illness that the Guest is physically incapable of going to a resort or other similar situations that it may become

improbable for the Guest to enjoy the resort, you may give your paid accommodation to another person or sell it

and we will honor it. And you may also request for us to convert it to a Gift Certificate for someone else as a gift

from you. Your paid room accommodation is transferable for as long as you coordinate and communicate with us

as to your Guest preference. Please reserve in advance since we only have 12 Cottages, the Resort is usually

PROTECTION CLAUSE – In the event of any drastic increase of operational expenses or government tax, the

Resort reserves the right to increase the room rate quoted without prior notice.


Check-out time is exactly 12:00noon. Non compliance will be charged as follows:

• Excess of 1 hour – Php 1,000.00

• Excess of 2 hours – Php 1,500.00

• Excess of 3 hours – Php 2,500.00

EXTENSIONS are only considered provided if there are no guests booked on that room for a limit of 3 hours

EXTENSIONS without charge only allowed up to 3:00 pm, if there is no prior booking.

Any breakages / lost of item inside the cottage caused by the Guest occupants during their stay will be charge to

their personal accountability and will be settled in full upon check-out. The amount to be charge is based on the

price acquisition of such item/s or the actual quote.

No bringing of food allowed. Our restaurant is fully equipped to serve all your catering needs or else our business

Thank you for abiding by Club Serena Resort’s Policies. We look forward to serving you.